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 · Hot Tank Connecting Rod Check Connecting Rod Alignment Check Pin Fit & Hone Connecting Rod Recondition Big End Connecting Rod Disassemble Rod from Piston Assemble Rod & Piston Cylinder Head Services Performance Multi-angle Valve Job ... Custom Machine …

Laser Alignment Systems | Easy to Use & Highly Accurate


Connecting Rods, I Beam, H Beam at CNC Motorsports

Eagle SIR6125BBLW I Beam Light Weight Connecting Rods 6.125 SBC. $289.95. Small Block Chevy, 5140 Forged Steel, 6.125 Length, .927 Bushed Fit wrist pin, 2.100 Rod Journal, Advertised Weight 600 grams, Set of 8 Connecting Rods. Add to Cart.

Inspection of Connecting Rod – RA Power Solutions

RA Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd. engineers are available on call and can visit the vessel or a power plant with necessary instruments to conduct inspection on site of connecting rods. The technicians are experienced and inspection report is submitted with necessary recommendations for successful repair of connecting rods. Connecting Rod of MAN engine.

Connecting Rods and Rod Caps

Connecting Rods and Rod Caps. Connecting rods and their matching caps are fastened to the engine''s crankshaft to convert linear motion into rotary motion. They are often constructed together as one piece. Then a process of breaking the cap away from the rod is done at the factory. Connecting rods and caps must remain a matched set.

Die casting machine alignment tool

1. An alignment tool for a die casting machine having a shot sleeve, a shot cylinder and a cylinder rod, said alignment tool comprising: (a) a tubular connecting sleeve disposed within said shot sleeve; (b) means for holding said connecting sleeve concentrically centered with respect to said shot sleeve; (c) a rotatable shaft received within ...

Inspecting & Measuring the Pistons, Pins & Connecting Rods ...

The connecting rod must be measured for alignment. In addition, it must be measured at the rod journal bearing housing (tunnel) bore, the piston pin (tunnel) bore and the center-to-center distance. The bearing housing and pin bores are measured with a Sunnen AG-300 precision gauge or dial bore gauge for size and out-of-round.

Connecting Rod Alignment Sleeves

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Con-rod boring machine

machine base in an easy-access position. The reduction gear wheels and shafts are manufactured in specially selected materials and all operate in oil bath. •Connecting-rod setup Three systems are available: - three-blade mandrel having strictly concentric expansion to ensure that the original distance and alignment between the centre-lines of the

Connecting Rod Reconditioning: More to it than you might ...

 · The connecting rod plays a vital role in the engine. But a connecting rod is under tremendous stress, with the weight of the piston sitting on top, changing direction thousands of times per minute. This continuous stopping and changing of direction combined with the weight of the piston and speed of the engine hammer on […]

Piston & Connecting Rod Tools

Piston & Connecting Rod Tools. Connecting Rod Tools. Piston Ring Tools. Piston Pin Tools. Piston Dome Thickness Checker. $168.00. ... Sunnen Connecting Rod Honing Stones and Accessories. Sign up for new product releases, updates and sales. WOODWARD EQUIPMENT CHS 15790 SE Piazza Ave STE104 PO Box 2650 Clackamas, OR 97015 USA Telephone: +1 503 ...

Connecting Rod Honing Basics | Goodson Tools & Supplies

Connecting rod mandrels use a double-wide stone arrangement designed to increase the stone surface area to better alignment and faster material removal. As with most honing operations, be sure to use enough honing oil. Always use a honing oil that is specifically formulated for this type of honing such as Goodson''s Rod Honing Oil ( RHO-10 or ...

Design And Analysis of Connecting Rod Using Forged steel

existing steel connecting rod viz., Forged steel in terms of weight, factor of safety, stiffens, deformation and stress. Fig 2.1 Schematic Diagram of Connecting Rod 3. DESIGN OF CONNECTING ROD A connecting rod is a machine member which is subjected to alternating direct compressive and tensile forces. Since the compressive forces are much

Berco Connecting Rod Machine

 · Berco Connecting Rod Machine Well it is not a mill, but it is built in Italy. I posted awhile back some photos of running my FP4NC to cut grip grooves into a set of connecting rods that ... An indicator in a holder that fits up to the small nub at the end of the spindle is used to sweep the bore, and alignment is done by moving the vertical ...

» Connecting Rods & Pistons

Using these machines we can check or resize your connecting rods, as well as installing and fitting wrist-pin bushings, ranging from small engines to heavy duty diesel engines. In this department we also remove and replace your pistons, check your connecting rods for cracks, install performance rod bolts, check rod alignment, and more.

Engine Connecting Rod Failures

 · The rod is designed for booted engines that are turbocharged, supercharged or use a big shots of nitrous. Billet steel rods are also available and typically cost more than forgings because of the extra machine work that is required to cut them from a solid plate of steel.

P4 Steam Locomotive Quartering

The pistons connect to the drivers via drive rods, connecting rods, and crank pins. The angular position (Theta, ... "quartering machine" that resembled a lathe large enough to hold a wheel set and equipped with devices similar to ... will be mounted on specially designed alignment plates to ensure proper alignment and proper pin ...

Connecting Rod Equipment | Jamison Equipment

Connecting Rod Equipment ... Sunnen SRT 2000 PA4X Diamond rod honing mandrel with Rings and Alignment bushing with range of 1.97 to 2.57 inches used in Sunnen ML and EC hones. Sunnen EC3500 Powerstroke Automatic Size hone . $3,950.00. Sunnen EC3500 Powerstroke Automatic Size hone as shown, was set up to do connecting rod …

Connecting rod alignment methods | -

 · The rod alignment between the piston and crankshaft cannot have any lateral stress so whether the rod position is fixed by the crankshaft or piston probably doesn''t make a lot of difference, but both the wrist pin and rod needle bearings need to get some lubrication so …

Conrod Boring & Honing Equipment

CVO Machinery is the biggest machinery stockholder of engine reconditioning equipment/machines in Australia.Our 10,000 square foot operation building consist of 30% new equipment as we represent the sole agency of the top class Italian manufactured machines AZ (Alvise Zanrosso) brand with 45 years experience in the business.

Pressing Piston Pins & Bushings | Goodson Tools & Supplies

For pressing piston pins and bushings, you''ll need a minimum of 5 tons of pressure, In our experience, most pins should break loose at 1800 to 2200 PSI. If you''re still running into resistance at this point, you have other problems. If all you''re going to do with the press is work on con rods, you can use a bench-top model but as we said ...

Balancing machines for crankshafts and connecting rods ...

Balancing machines for crankshafts, cardan shafts and connecting rods. Our machines for measuring, balancing or moving the axis of gravity or the center of gravity of crankshafts, cardan shafts and connecting rods are individually developed and have a modular structure. So they can grow with your requirements at any time.

connecting rod aligner for sale | eBay

Eagle Engine Connecting Rod Set SIR5700BBLW; I-Beam 5.700" Bushed for Chevy SBC. PerformanceParts - Right Parts, Right Price, Right Away. Brand New. 5.0 out of 5 stars. 5 product ratings. - Eagle Engine Connecting Rod Set SIR5700BBLW; I-Beam 5.700" Bushed for Chevy SBC. $254.84.

Rod Installation Tools : Connecting Rod Installation Tools ...

Rod Installation Tools from PitStopUSA include rod guide tools that simply slip over rod bolts and aid in piston installation to eliminate the chance of rod bolts hitting crank or scarring cylinder wall. A must for any engine builder''s toolbox.


 · Alignment In order to obtain optimum service life from a ® engine and its driven equipment, correct alignment between the units is required. Improper alignment results in excessive vibration, short life of driven equipment/ compound bearing and coupling clutch parts, and frequent re-alignment.

FILMTECH LLC Connecting Rod Alignment Tool 5682

Connecting Rod Bushing Tool 1051 Use on all 1999-2006 FL, 1999-2005 FXD, & 2000-2006 FXST. Use to remove and replace wrist pin bushings without removing connecting rods from crankcases. Use JIMS® 284 Rod Holder tool.

142. Connecting Rod Alignment (MAXNOVO Machine) >> Blog

 · Connecting Rod Alignment (MAXNOVO Machine) 2018-12-20 MAXNOVO Machine: GIVEN alignment accuracy in the major components of an engine-crankshaft, main bearings, cylinder and piston-any fault must rest with the connecting rod…


RMC 55A/55B Rod Boring Machine Description: RMC''s Connecting-Rod Boring Machines are versatile machines designed to reduce rod reconditioning time and labor costs. Superior design provides fast and precise centering of rods. Recreate diesel engine factory recommended specs and maintain accurate center to center distances.

Connecting Rod | Metal Machines Engineering Services

Metal Machines Engineering Services Pte Ltd was founded in 1973, is a leading engineering solutions provider, offering the following high quality services and products for the marine, offshore, oil & gas, petrochemical, mining and power generation industries. We provide services as follows:- * In-Situ Machining * Laser-assisted Survey and Alignment * Engine Overhaul and Mechanical Component ...

Connecting Rods | Romulus MI

Connecting Rods. Future Tool produces all types of connecting rods - motorcycle, ATVs, automotive and diesel. Future Tool can manufacture a wide variety of materials including powdered metal, forged steel and billet. Future Tool also has the in-house capability to fracture or crack rods…

J&M Machine Company: Engine Rebuilders

This machine can handle crankshafts up to 65 inches and up to a 8 inch stroke. Rod Hone: Sunnen 1810. The rod hone is used to resize the big end and small end of connecting rods to original spec to within .0002 tenths" per manufacturers specs we at J and M always replace rod bolts prior to machining. Rod Cap Grinder: Sunnen CG750.

Connecting Rod Boring Machines

mandrel system results in perfect parallel alignment between connecting rod bore and pin hole. Available in two models, they will deliver many years of dependable and productive con-rod recondition-ing service to any size shop for a variety of both gas, diesel and high performance engines. Control Panel For both models, convenient location,